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Speaking by Faith
"The Coach"

I help women, who want more out of life, overcome fears and limiting beliefs.  I help them become more confident and find their voice by giving them the guidance, resources, and accountability necessary to live a life of boldness and freedom.

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The #1 online business community for female creators, influencers and business owners mastering launches.

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“Working with Dr. Faith was a life-changing experience! ”
- Dr. E. Bruce


How to overcome obstacles that have you stuck


Methods and practices that will change your life and your finances


Use your gifts and talents to impact the lives of others

"Once you decide to change, you become unstoppable."
Dr. Faith

It's time to get rid of those limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back.

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There’s greatness inside of you waiting to get out

You are a unique individual with special gifts and talents but life has caused you to believe that you are not enough. Not pretty enough. Not tall enough. Not smart enough. Not articulate enough. Well I am here to help you come out of your shell and let your voice be heard.



The only thing that is holding you back is you. It is your time to break free. Learn proven and valuable methods and daily practices that consistently build your self esteem and changes your perception of you. Get ready for a paradigm shift in every area of your life. Your past can no longer define you. Break free mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Our Mission

To empower women with the tools necessary to overcome fears and self doubt and give them the courage to speak up, step up, and allow their voices to be heard.

What others say about Dr. Faith

Lives are being transformed from the inside out.

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“Keep letting God use you!”

“Thank you so much for your wisdom and realness. I truly get blessed by your encouragement and I know you get blessed by giving it. Keep pouring into people. It's paying off . God bless.” 
- Renita B.

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“Dr. Faith has truly been a blessing to me!”

“Dr. Faith has helped me to become a better woman and believer in Christ. She encourages me to keep the faith and pushes me into my destiny.
- Joyce B.

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“Dr. Faith spent time to hear from God concerning me.”

“The washing of our feet and speaking words of life over us ladies was tear drenching and humbling. She demonstrated a true servant of Christ. 
- Jess R.


You have a gift and it’s your duty to share it with the world!”

I want to see you win! Let's do it...together.

- Speaking by Faith, The Coach

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Our Products

Let us join you in your journey to success!

Elevation N.O.W. Life Transformation Course


Fear of What? EBook


8- Week Elevation N.O.W. Life Transformation Course (LIVE Virtual Sessions)


Fear of What? Companion Workbook


Fear-Busting Daily Affirmations


Fear of What? Mini-Course


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